Our Logo

Just like the genius visionary DaVinci, and his innovative approach to all things in life and his ability to look and discover beyond the conventions of his time, we at Aviation Insurance Australia are flying a similar pattern with the way we approach our business. This is why we use DaVinci’s wings as part of our branding and logo.

Once he realised the inadequacy of human power, he turned his attention to the flight of birds. Thus then, within a short time, he discovered that birds rely less on beating their wings than on the exploitation of air currents and wind. He examined how birds, when struck by air currents, manage to keep their balance by moving their wings and tails. He also made anatomical studies of bird wings, learning how they were able to use their wings as brakes. Eventually his investigations led to a decision to substitute sail-flight projects for flapping-wing machines.

Leonardo sketched several types of flying machines:  helical wing, beating wings, parachute, and bat’s wings. Through real life trial and error Da Vinci learned the difficulty of realising his great dream of flying in a machine powered by human propulsion, and turned his talents toward the problem of gliding flight.