How We Look After Your Needs

You can provide us with instructions in person, by telephone, email or writing.

New Business

Contact us as soon as possible if you need cover for a risk or property that is not insured. If you need immediate cover, we can usually obtain a Cover Note (which is generally valid for a month or less). To arrange this, we will need details of the aircraft or risk and all other information which you need to disclose to the insurer.

We will then send you a proposal for completion. You will need to complete and sign this and return it to us as soon as possible and before the Cover Note expires.

We will send the original insurance contract documents as soon as they are issued correctly by your insurer. As these are legal documents, you should keep them in a safe place.


We will give you at least 14 days notice of expiry of any insurance contract which we have arranged or last renewed for you.

At that time we will send you an offer to renew the insurance contract. For more complex insurances we will renew the insurance after we have considered whether it meets your needs.

In some circumstances we may be able to arrange for the insurer to cover you temporarily before renewal instructions are received, but we cannot guarantee this.

We will notify you when renewal has been effected.

If you arranged or renewed insurance through another broker, we will not be responsible for notifying you of expiry or arranging renewal unless you ask us to do so.


You should carefully monitor and review that your insurance policy is adequate to cover your assets or business activities.

If you want to vary any cover, eg by increasing the sum insured or adding another aircraft, please provide us with details of the changes you require and any other information you need to disclose to the insurer.

We will then arrange the amendment with the insurer and provide you with written confirmation.


We will receive your claims notifications, assist and advise you regarding the scope of cover and pass the information to the insurer.

If a loss adjustor is appointed we shall pass on your contact details and co-ordinate meetings. In the case of a major loss, we can attend the initial meeting with the loss adjustor if you wish us to.

We will promptly forward to you all claims documentation, insurance company settlement cheques and other information.

If any claims are outstanding when you terminate our appointment as your insurance broker, we will:

  • Negotiate settlement on your behalf subject to a claim service fee (to be agreed)
  • Provide details of the claim(s) to your new insurance broker so that they may continue to negotiate settlement on your behalf.

Terms of Payment

We will invoice you for the premium, statutory charges (e.g. stamp duty, GST etc.) and any fees we charge for arranging your insurances. You must pay us upon receipt of the invoice or, in the case of a renewal, before the expiry date of the contract of insurance.

If you do not pay the premium on time, we will tell the insurer. The insurer has the right to cancel the contract of insurance and you will not be insured. The insurer may also charge a short term penalty premium for the time on risk.

Premium Funding
Premium funding products enable you to pay your premiums by instalments. Premium funding companies do charge interest.
We can arrange premium funding on your behalf if you require it.

We recognise the importance of your privacy and are committed to complying with the Australian Privacy Principles. This privacy policy describes how we may collect, handle and process personal information in relation to your access to, or use of, our websites, apps and services we offer.

Unless you notify us in writing otherwise, by proceeding to deal with us, you confirm on your behalf and/or on the behalf of those you represent, agreement to the above principles.

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